About Us

Market Leader

Operating since 2011, Dry Ice Scotland is the UK's largest independent dry ice producer, and largest overall on Scotland.


To maintain and grow our position as the UK’s single leading processor of renewable CO2 and producer of dry ice.


Dry Ice Scotland own and operate the UK’s largest renewable CO2 capture plant and scaling 20x capacity in next 3 years.


Operate in partnership with Nippon Gases, UK’s largest CO2 and Dry Ice producer and distributor.


Pioneers of carbon capture in the UK and leading the conversation in small-scale CCS commercial models.


We process biogenic CO2 at source and sell either as dry ice or CO2 to Nippon Gases via wholesale contract.

Carbon Neutral

We capture CO2 produced as byproduct from biogenic waste- to-energy or fermentation processes.

Future Source for CDR

Business model to sequester and store biogenic CO2 leading to CDR (Carbon Dioxide Removal).

Growth Strategy

How we scale CO2 Capture


1t per hr capacity, 100% utilization for dry ice.

March 2023

Capacity at 7t per hr (project under construction), 100% utilization for dry ice and food grade CO2 to Scottish market.


Capacity at 20t per hr, 50% utilization and 50% for permanent sequestration & storage.

CO2 Partnership Process


We discuss parameters and agree key commercial documents with CO2 producer.


We look at production metrics alongside our OEM partners.


We erect the modular, pre-fabricated units and bolt together.


We distribute to customers or to local CCS Terminal.

Producer Benefits

Documented, sustainable utilization of waste CO2 Consistent and fixed long term revenue stream Potential to acquire carbon offsets if CO2 is stored

About Us

Dry Ice Scotland are a leading UK dry ice blasting and manufacturing company. We supply dry ice blasting services, equipment and high-density dry ice pellets from our base in the Northeast of Scotland. We are an official distributor for ColdJet, the global leader in dry ice blasting equipment. Facilities include warehouse, workshop and state of the art dry ice production and manufacturing equipment.

Contact Details

133 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, EH3 9BA

01307 468124