In May 2022 Dry Ice Scotland rebranded to Carbon Capture Scotland to include current and growing Carbon Capture activities. Carbon Capture Scotland is the UK’s leading and most active net-zero carbon capture asset specialist. We capture, use, and remove CO2.


Carbon Capture Scotland: Scotland’s CO2 superheroes. We capture CO2, we use it, and we remove it.


Because no one else was doing it. We put CO2 to uses that are good for society (health, food, beer); or we remove it to reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere.


We use proprietary (for the easy bits) and off-the-shelf (for the hard bits) technology to capture green CO2 from fermentation and organic processes.


The clue is in the name.


We own and operate a combined capacity of 22,000t per annum CO2 capture plant.

We use proprietary technology to capture biogenic or net-zero CO2 at emitter sites prior to utilisation and/or transportation.


We own and operate the world’s largest dry ice manufacturing plant from biogenic CO2. Commissioned in 2021, the £4m plant is a world-first in sourcing net-zero CO2 for on-site dry ice manufacture.

We are leading the way in commercialising proven and scalable CO2 utilisation technologies.


Any CO2 that we do not use must be removed. We develop partnerships to enable the transportation and sequestration of CO2 emissions, targeting the net removal of >200,000t CO2 from the atmosphere per year by 2030.

If you have a technology that uses CO2, or CO2 that needs to be captured, get in touch or better yet join the team.



Carbon Capture Scotland is founded by a management team with over 20 years’ combined experience in the CO2 industry. In addition to Carbon Capture Scotland, the team previously founded a CO2 transportation and utilisation business, growing to revenues of £2.5m in 5 continents, before exiting in 2019.

Richard Nimmons

Richard Nimmons founded Dry Ice Scotland in 2012. Building on previous mechanical engineering experience in the Oil & Gas and Construction sectors, Richard has world-class expertise in the building and operating of carbon capture facilities. He is a proven business-developer who has delivered £m-level contracts in the USA, Europe, Africa and Asia.


Ed Nimmons

Ed Nimmons joined Dry Ice Scotland in 2014, becoming a founding member of subsequent activities. Following a career in various consulting sectors, Ed has world-class expertise in the commercialisation of carbon-based projects and the development of CO2 infrastructure. He has an MA in Management Studies from Cambridge University.