What is Dry Ice Blast Cleaning?

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is both a non-waste productive and environmentally friendly form of controlled precision cleaning which is used in many different industries. Using frozen Carbon Dioxide in 3mm pellet form as the blasting medium leaves no residue because the blasting medium returns to gaseous state upon impact. This allows the cleaning to take place with minimal disruption to machinery or the processes around the cleaning area.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning removes scales/contaminants in three ways:

  1. Supersonic speed of dry ice pellets being propelled by compressed air
  2. Thermal effect of the dry ice hitting the scale/contaminate loosens adhesion
  3. Expansion of dry ice sublimating to gaseous state expanding 800 times its original area space aids to lift the scale/contaminate from substrate

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is a controlled method of cleaning; by selecting the correct nozzles, rates of pellet usage and pressures, it can be used to gently clean surfaces such as soft plastics, or adjusted to remove hard rust and paint from metal surfaces.