Packaging - Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

Most packaging cardboard boxes are printed with a wax or clay based graphic that is transferred onto the conveyor rollers and, as the coating builds up, disrupts production. Traditional cleaning methods for these conveyors require a complete dismantle every 4 to 10 days and then hand scrubbing with solvents and brushes. Cold Jet dry ice blasting thoroughly cleans the wax or clay buildup from the rollers while the conveyor is still assembled, reducing the downtime and increasing line productivity.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning also removes glue build-up from the belts without damage or wear and eliminates the cost and downtime of replacing the drive belts in the packaging process. Dry ice can easily removes ink over-spray that occurs during the ink-jet application process, thus preventing scrap or line shut-down.

Cleaning with Dry Ice Blasting in the Packaging Industry Will:

  • Reduce Cleaning Time
  • Eliminate Secondary Waste
  • Reduce Water and Sanitation Costs
  • Clean Hot and Online
  • Provide a Non-abrasive Clean that Won’t Damage Equipment
  • Eliminate Relubrication
  • Reduce Production Downtime
  • Be Environmentally Responsible

Proven Packaging Applications Dry Ice Blasting Include:

  • Slicers & Dividers
  • Electrical components & motors
  • Radial Feeders (Ishida Weighers)
  • Pack-off Tables
  • Labelers & Gluers
  • Ovens
  • Conveyors
  • Mixers
  • Baggers
  • Palletizer
  • Proof box grids