Plastics - Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

Clean mold cavities and vents are a major concern for plastic part manufacturers in maintaining today’s high quality standards. The build-up of unwanted surface residues from either the resin additive off-gases or the use of mold releases can create various problems, ranging from product release (“knock out”) to inferior product quality and possible damage to tools. Flash, burn and short shots on the product caused by clogged vents also creates challenges for manufacturers.

Traditional cleaning methods involve tedious and ineffective manual processes using chemicals and hand tools. Dry Ice Scotlands alternative cleaning process provides a non-abrasive and environmentally responsible method that allows molds and product to be cleaned in a fraction of the time, allowing increased cycles between preventive maintenance. In addition, molds can be cleaned at operating temperature and in-place, without water, chemicals or creation of secondary waste.

Cleaning with Dry Ice Blast Cleaning in the Plastics Industry Will:

  • Improve product quality
  • Reduce scrap
  • Reduce production downtime
  • Reduce cleaning time and labour costs
  • Clean in-place, no disassembly required
  • Be non-abrasive, with no damage to molds
  • Eliminate secondary waste
  • Provide an environmentally responsible clean

Proven Plastics Applications for Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Include:

General Mold and Tool Cleaning

Product Finishing