Textile - Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

Lint, glue and other buildup are common problems within the textile industry. With dry ice cleaning, buildup can be removed without disassembly or damage to the equipment. Dry ice cleaning utilizes recycled CO2 in the form of solid dry ice particles that are accelerated with compressed air through high velocity nozzles onto the surface being cleaned. The combination of the kinetic impact, thermal dynamics and gas expansion breaks the bond between the contaminant and the substrate, allowing the contaminant to be flushed away.

Because dry ice particles are relatively soft compared to other forms of blast media, they provide a gentle yet aggressive clean that is non-abrasive – improving asset utilization rates and extending the life of your equipment. This also allows effective cleaning without damage on delicate equipment and in sensitive areas such as sensors and wiring.

Cleaning with Dry Ice Blast Cleaning in the Textiles Industry Provides:

  • Reduced cleaning time and production downtime
  • Improved preventive maintenance
  • A clean-in-place with little or no disassembly required and no masking or de-energizing
  • An environmentally responsible solution with zero secondary waste and with no chemicals or solvents
  • A non-abrasive process with no damage to production equipment

Proven Woven and Nonwoven Textile Applications for Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Include:


  • Tenter Machines
  • Tenter Frames
  • Tenter Chains
  • Looming Equipment
  • Pins and Clips
  • Coating Equipment
  • Spools


  • Converting Machines
  • Coating Equipment
  • Glue Applicators
  • Bag Houses
  • Conveyor Systems