We supply 3mm and 9mm pellets of dry ice, with next day delivery available on orders placed before 10am. Please email us on info@dryicescotland.com to place an order.

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What Is Dry Ice?

Dry Ice Scotland have state of the art manufacturing facilities that extract the liquid CO2 and compress it into our high-density dry ice. The high-density nature of the product requires advanced equipment and allows it to last longer and maintain its low temperature.

Dry Ice is stored in specialist Cryogenic storage boxes. Dry Ice Scotland supply these in various sizes, and they are recommended for storage of over 1-2 days in duration.

Dry Ice is frozen carbon dioxide (CO2) in its solid state. CO2 is usually stored as a liquid under highly pressurised and low temperature conditions. It has a temperature of -78 degrees celsius. As a solid, it can sublimate (“evaporate” into CO2 gas) unless stored in the appropriate conditions.